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Rasoi Ghar – A restaurant that you want to go to everyday!

This is my second visit and this time we were 10. My friend and I loved it so much we invited our other friends but we told them that we should go on a Saturday since we’ve gone on a Friday not knowing that they do not have the same menu every single day.

This is the menu on that day. Good thing Rasoi Ghar’s FB messenger sent me this picture as I will never remember the names of the food.

Boondi Jal Jeera is a very refreshing minty tamarind drink with lots of herbs that helps on digestion mainly Jeera or cumin seeds that gives a kick in the drink.

Anything with yogurt or Dahi on Indian dishes is my favorite. For starters Kashmiri Dahi Wada is the best for me. Its like vegetarian meatballs with yogurt. It was a bit heavy though so I need to control myself as I still want to enjoy my main dish and dessert. Alu Phudina is Indian hash brown. Two thumbs up for this as well. Khatta Dhokla is the least favorite. I never really liked dhokla… its similar to puto but no taste. You have to dip it in the chutneys for it to have a taste.

Kashmiri Dahi Wada, Alu Phudina Tikki, Khatta Dhokla with Spicy Green Chutney and Sweet Red Dates Chutney

For the main dish, as always Paneer is my favorite. Nawabi Paneer is simple but really tasty. Then for the dessert I like the Kiwi Halwa… even my Indian friends were amazed that they flavored Halwa with kiwi. I was about to eat it with malpuao which is a call for Diabetes. :p I like the malpuao too.When I get the question which Indian restaurant is your favorite, you know what will I answer.

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