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Rasoi Ghar: I AM BACK AGAIN!

Yes, my most favorite Indian restaurant that serves unlimited thali in Dubai is not other than Rasoi Ghar (this is not a paid ad). I was chatting with Rasoi Ghar’s FB messenger about their menu months ago. He sent me the Saturday menu. I thought that menu is the same on each day except Fridays that is never the same. The menu they sent me has a strawberry welcome drink, I remember we had a lemony green drink… definitely not strawberry. That is when I realized that they don’t serve the same menu everyday. Thinking what to cook for a week cracks my brain, I must say Rasoi Ghar’s chef is a genius.

Lesson learned, every time I will dine at Rasoi Ghar I have to save the menu for the day from Rasoi Ghar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato . The menu for November 14, 2017 is below.

The watermelon juice is refreshing, I had two glasses as it tastes fresh and not sweetened with sugar or any artificial sweeteners. For the starters, which I find the most appetizing of all and the best part of Rasoi Ghar has to offer… my favorite is the special starter- Jalebi Chaat. Jalebi is the thin pretzel shaped sweet snack dipped in lots of sugar syrup. This one has no sugar syrup, just the pretzel with yogurt, onion, and sev. It is served like a dahi puri but crunchier, tastes like a crunchy raita. I had two servings of this as its that good. The bread roll tastes like empanada. It tastes better when dipped in the red and green chutneys. The Hara Bhara Kabab tastes like meat kabab, its like burger patty but yummier and tastier. The ring dhokla is my least favorite as I generally don’t like dhokla.

When we were satisfied with our starters they served our thali plates and started serving the subzi, daals and bread. I like all the subzi, I had second serving for all the subzi. The daals and kadhi were okay but I prefer the subzi to be eaten with the breads.

The desserts, sweet ending that you don’t want to end. What I find amazing about the sweets is the Tomato Halwa, I kept on thinking which food I had that tastes similar to it. I had three servings of this before I recalled which food it is similar too…. baby food. I never imagined tomato as a dessert and its shocking that I remembered this as a baby food I had which is xx years ago.

Again, 5/5 for Rasoi Ghar. I don’t know which food to recommend as they serve different menu everyday but I highly recommend that you visit Rasoi Ghar. Its an experience you will keep coming back for.

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