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Red Shrimp: Red Shrimp Signature

I have always thought Red Shrimp is a small restaurant because of their tiny entrance, but when we entered the restaurant, it’s not as small as I expected. There were only two tables occupied out of five tables at their outdoor seating. Inside it was totally empty with around five tables as well. I couldn’t find any server, I have to call him inside to let him know that we need the menu.
When we got the menu, I already know what my friend will like so I asked her if she likes Mussel Rollet for our starters, Red Shrimp Signature and Pomfret for our main dish. She prefers to eat the shrimp all for herself (she gave me a couple of shrimps though) and told me I can order another plate or something else. 🙂 I ordered Seabream since Pomfret is too much for me.

Red Shrimp Burjuman

The Mussel Rollet has six fresh mussels with cheese and butter sauce. The sauce is creamy and garlicky, which I like. The mussels were boiled. You can taste the freshness, but I prefer it if it was baked.

Mussel Rollet

The Red Shrimp Signature has 20 medium sized shrimps in slightly chilly and garlic butter sauce. It is served with french fries and four dips- ketchup, mayonnaise, garlic butter, sweet and chili. The shrimp is really tasty and properly cooked. It was a first time for me to eat french fries with shrimp and it was not bad at all. The fries get soggy fast, but it was still good when dipped in the four dips served with it.

Red Shrimp Signature

The Seabream is marinated in a special herb sauce. I like the sauce since I cannot identify the ingredients used. I am sure there is garlic and lemon in it. It is good to share since it is 600 grams served with vegetable fried rice. I think the fish was steamed, I think it will have better taste if it was marinated then grilled.


I like the taste of all the sauces of each dish. More improvement on the cooking style for the fish and the seafoods will make the dish tastier. I am rating Red Shrimp 3/5. Red Shrimp Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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