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Roti Vegetarian Restaurant: Unlimited Thali

To those unfamiliar with this circle flatbread, that is as soft as a pita, but as thin as a tortilla… It looks like an addition to the meal, but for a lot of countries Roti is a staple food. For Indians, roti is like rice for us Filipinos. They eat it with curries and meat stews. Roti tastes better when freshly cooked. When it’s hot and you cannot hold it for 10 seconds and it’s as soft as a new cotton fabric that is a freshly cooked Roti.

A couple of friends knew about my love for Indian food, they recommended to give Bharat’s thali a shot. When I was in Meena Bazaar, I checked the map from Roti Vegetarian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato. After a long walk I arrived Bharat and was informed that thali is served at the next restaurant… Roti Vegetarian Restaurant.

Roti Vegetarian Restaurant serves one of the best rotis I have tasted. It is the best in their unlimited thali for AED 16.00. The dal and subzi were okay, but their roti is silky and melts on your tongue with a splash of flavors from the curries. They serve it fast too. Once they see your plate empty they will refill it with a freshly cooked roti straight from the kitchen. The chef must have perfected the recipe from his family’s tradition with exact measurements of ingredients and long time experience of kneading dough that made this roti so soft that you don’t even need to chew it.

I am rating Roti Vegetarian Restaurant 3/5.

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