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Sagar Ratna Thali

Sagar Ratna is a newly opened restaurant in Oud Metha where Sankalp was. Its interior is all white and well lit. After meditation class, I got hungry and since it has been a long time that I have not eaten thali, it’s the right time to check Sagar Ratna out. When we enter the restaurant, it was well lit and all clean, but has a weird smell. We told the manager about it as we overheard another table noticing it as well. Anyways, I did not bother to check the menu and just went straight to the thali page. My friend ordered the Marwari Special Thali and I had the North Indian Thali.

Marwari Special Thali for AED 26.00 has Dal, Bati/Tawa Roti, Marwari Curry, Churma, Mirchi Kuta, and Garlic Chutney.

Marwari Thali


North Indian Thali for AED 21.00 has 2 Vegetables, 1 dal, tawa roti, sweet, raita, papad.

The Marwari Curry in Marwari Thali has a sour taste to it. I like the Dal and Churma combination. It is a blend of savory from the dal and sweetness from the churma.  North Indian Thali’s Vegetable Curry has a weird vegetable in it. I asked my friend if he knows what kind of vegetable is it. He isn’t sure as well, so we asked the server. Server said it is Masala Papad Curry. 🙂 It’s not vegetable, but an interesting way of putting papad in curry. The other vegetable curry has cauliflower, peas, tomato. This is my favorite as the sweetness of the peas balances the spiciness of the chili and other spices used. The dal is very tasty too, it tastes different among other dals I had because the saltiness and spiciness ratio is just perfect. It gives you that feeling to have some more with each bite. I had two servings of this same as the cauliflower curry.

I am rating Sagar Ratna 3/5 Sagar Ratna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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