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Sakura Japan Sweets and Restaurant

The best part of travelling is food, and as what they say always save room for dessert. Japan has interesting desserts that are not overly sweet with a mix of other taste such as bitter or fruity.

They use natural ingredients which makes their desserts lighter and more delicious. Get your sweet tooth ready and embark this journey with me on a Japanese adventure.

Sakura Japan Sweets and Restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah offers a variety of authentic Japanese desserts. They also have fusion desserts with other countries which are equally interesting as their authentic items.

We started off with the drinks…

Green Tea- served in a traditional Japanese tea pot and cup, you can sense that this is an authentic Japanese tea. You can taste the difference of Sakura’s green tea compared to other restaurants which is usually just store bought tea bags. Grassy and rich, with massive umami flavours which linger and grow. It is not bitter and no need for sugar nor honey. One order of teapot is good to share, but it was so good I forgot to share it.

Iced Matcha Green Tea- Matcha is making its way to the culinary scene. You can have matcha on ice cream, cake, biscuit, chocolate, and even chips. It is is refreshing and intense. Your taste buds will experience complicated array of taste- creamy, bitter and sweet.

Matcha has a special processing compared to green tea from growing the leaves up to packaging. Iced Matcha Tea in most restaurants are too creamy and sweet. They make it with a lot milk and a hint of Matcha flavoring. Sakura made their Iced Matcha Green Tea mild and intense at the same time. Mild because of the light creamy taste which compensates the intense flavor of Matcha. Matcha is the powdered green tea leaves so it supposed to taste stronger than green tea. You are ingesting the leaf not just the brew. A cup of Matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. This drink is for those who wants to be relaxed but keep their brains stimulated.

We paired the tea with some cakes…

Japanese Cheese Cake- is popular all over the world for its fluffy and bouncy texture. The taste has a tangy and creamy flavor of cheesecake, with the moist, cotton-soft texture of soufflé.  It’s a match made in heaven. What I like about Sakura’s Japanese Cheese Cake is its perfect balance of soufflé and cheesecake texture and taste. The softness and cheesiness is just right that will make you e as t more than a slice or two.

Melon Cream Cheese Cake- seasonal cake with a melon green color chiffon roll and white light creamy filling. The cake is mot as sweet as it looks. It is good match with the green tea.

Spanish Cheese Cake- is unique among all other cheese cakes. It has a burnt almost black top. When sliced, it looks like Camembert cheese. The exterior is rough and the middle is oozing with a paddle of cheese. Sakura’s Spanish Cheese Cake is different. It’s a combination of NY cheese cake and Japanese cheese cake. It is a mix of sweetness and saltiness. It has the same texture as a NY Cheesecake but the looks of a Japanese Cheesecake. The texture is more of a NY cheesecake but lighter.

Matcha Pound Cake- Pound cakes are usually dense or dry but Sakura’s version is thick and moist at the same time. The rich flavor of matcha gave it a slight bitter taste with undertones of vanilla. You are literally enjoying a matcha tea and a cake at the same time.

Matcha Roll and Matcha Cream Roll – both these cakes are milder versions of Matcha Pound Cake and lighter texture too. The Matcha Cream Roll is sweeter than the Matcha Roll

Yuzu Pound Cake- this is the first time I tasted Yuzu. It didn’t go mainstream like avocado and kale but I think this is Yuzu’s year. Yuzu is tart and fragrant, with a close resemblance to grape fruit and with overtones of mandarin orange. Sakura’s Yuzu Pound cake is like a thick, heavy, and most lemon cake with a unique aroma from Yuzu. It has thin strips of Yuzu that added texture and flavor to the cake.

Yuzu Brownies- an interesting combination of Yuzu and chocolate. The chocolate was on a bitter side with aroma from the Yuzu. Texture is moist and sticky almost like a fudgee bar.

For our happy ending….

Mochi Ice Cream- is a dessert made of traditional flavors of ice cream wrapped in a pounded sticky rice dumpling. Sakura’s mochi is handmade and colorful. I tried few of there many flavors. Since it is handmade size and thickness of the mochi varies. You also have to wait for at least 2 minutes to thaw the mochi as it is kept frozen.

Crunchy Lotus Dates – sweet and nutty flavor from the Lotus Biscoff and dates. Unique sweetness from the caramelized sugar with a hint of cinnamon. It’s a mix of warm flavor and cold feeling in your mouth.

Cheesy Yuzu and Mango – Sakura’s Cheesy Yuzu and Mango Mochi has that fragrant aroma of Yuzu and light taste of mango. The cheese is very subtle, you cannot almost taste it. Every bite is a taste of Japan. The mochi is blue in color, which could have been better if its pastel yellow because cheese, mango, and yuzu are known for having yellow color.

They also sell Japanese flavored cookies for as low as AED 5.00!

…. and interesting Japanese tea and memorabilia.

If you are in Ras Al Kaimah, Sakura Japanese Restaurant is worth to visit. The prices are very cheap and the taste is extraordinary. They also offer rolls and ramens that are very reasonably priced. If they open a branch here in Dubai or at the center of RAK, it will surely be a heat. As of now you can find them on Zomato and call their number for home delivery.

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