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Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant Karama: Mini Tiffin

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the busiest restaurants in Karama especially on a weekend breakfast. If you want to be seated immediately, you need to be there at opening time. If you come around 10:00 AM expect to wait for an average of 15 minutes. When I tell my Indian friends I blog about food and mostly Indian food, they are surprised. Only few Filipinos blog Indian food or let’s say eat Indian food. I was one of those Filipinos who’s scared to eat Indian food. Two reasons: first, I thought everything was deathly spicy, and second, it was overwhelming for us as I don’t know what to order.

Having said that, my Indian friends helped me in choosing what to order whenever we eat out. This time they recommended Mini Tiffin as Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant serves the best Mini Tiffin. Mini Tiffin is a combination of South Indian favorites. It has Mini Idly, Kesari, Vada, Pongal or Upma, Mini Masala Dosa.

Idly is the rice cake or what we call Puto in PH but ours is sweet. Kesari and Pongal’s main ingredient is fine semolina or rice and coconut. Pongal is the white one which is savory and Kesari is yellow because of the jaggery which makes it sweet. Vada is a donut-shaped fried dish made of dal batter.

Mini Tiffin

The masala dosa is the taste of usual masala dosa. Served with sambar and coconut chutneys but smaller in size since it’s called a Mini Tiffin. The vada is something new to me. As mentioned earlier, it’s a donut made of dal batter dipped in the coconut chutneys. I am not a fan of vada, but it is worth trying. Pongal and Kesari are firsts for me as well. These two are eaten with poori. Pongal is cooked with mustard seeds, coriander and green chillies. It looks bland due to it’s color, but it has a distinctive taste from the ingredients used. Kesari is something kids will like. It’s sweet, almost similar to halwa but milder. It can be considered a breakfast and a dessert at the same time.

We finished our breakfast with a filtered coffee. Some of us had 3 cups, that’s how good it is. Definitely better than those AED 30 coffees. 🙂

My rating for Sangeetha Karama is 3.5/5 Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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