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Spice Valley – IMG World of Adventure

IMG is a thrill seeker’s dream land. An indoor place full of roller coasters and rides that will throw your guts out. The price is also quite steep and too much for AED 275.

If the price is expensive, so as the food. Food outside is not allowed. Empty handed, we looked for reasonably priced restaurant where we can enjoy our meal. We found Spice Village which is inside the Lost Valley. They offer Indian buffet for AED 59.00. The food doesn’t change daily, if it does it will be a dish or two. They have soup, salads, chaat, mains both vegetarian and non vegetarian, breads, rice, and dessert.

Here is my review of their buffet. I had a little bit of everything.

Lentil soup with Cumin- I always like my lentil soup thick, this one is watery and bland.
Salad dressing- lemony. Vegetables are fresh with lots of salad leaves options
Roti and naan- the chef is making it fresh that is why it takes time to be refilled.
Dal- is a common dish on Indian buffets. It also has similar taste, you cannot tell any difference. Spice Village’s Dal is too salty for me I was not able to finish it.

All others are ok… but still need to improve for the customers to get their money’s worth. The fact that it is inside IMG, AED 60 is not bad.
I am rating Spice Village 3/5.

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