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SpiceKlub, Mankhool Dubai

Dubai Winter (yeah! we call 22C as winter) of 2016, my friend asked me “Nina, are you ready to die?” I said “depends how…”. He said “die of spicy food.” I replied, “oh! if its food.. lets go!” and that was how I was introduced to molecular gastronomy. Its a modern style of cooking incorporating scientific technological innovations on cooking and presentation of a dish. This is different with hipster food, hipster food is anything that is “IN” for a temporary period… like kale, cute cupcakes, cupcakes and cotton candies on milkshakes, quinoa, etc.

This restaurant that serves molecular gastronomic food is SpiceKlub in Mankhool Dubai. They have a very vibrant colored wall. Its like those patterns you see in coloring books. They also have these tables where the chairs are like swings attached to the ceiling. My friends said that this is how street vendors are in India, where the bus drivers take their breaks.

During this time, I have not explored the chaats yet that’s why it took time for me to post my review because I want to have the normal way how chaats are served before I review molecular gastronomic chaats. I was with my two Indian friends, we ordered four different appetizers. While waiting they served chutneys and pickles in small shot glasses. I like the mango chutney the best. It tastes like mango jam with a little masala.

The first dish served was Papdi Chaat.  Papdi Chaat is a combination of Dahi Batata Puri and Sev Puri. Instead of using the crispy balls, they used the flat ones which is called papdi. However, in SpiceKlub they served it with foamed chutney. The way it was served was genius but I didn’t like the foamy chutney since its foam, its gone in less than a blink when you eat it.

Next is the Galouti Kebab. This dish is a big joke. It tastes like it has meat but it doesn’t have any meat at all! I was like, only the onion is the veggie in here. My friends noticed I like it so much they gave me the last bite… :pNext dish is Paneer Lapeta. The description on the menu is slices of cottage wrapped in green chutney and papad served with green chutney spheres. I like paneer and papad, two of my favorite Indian food in one dish is something to be excited about. On my first bite, I tasted something fishy in it. I wasn’t expecting that taste and I would say I did not like it. Even my friend didn’t like the taste since she hates fish so she just had one piece. I don’t know if it that’s how it should taste, if it is I will not order this again.Last but not the least is my Disney Land, Pav Bhaji… Fondue. I have already raved about Pav Bhaji on my previous posts, how I love it and how I cannot end my affair with it. I don’t care if eating it is messy but SpiceKlub made it such a way that you don’t have to be messy to enjoy Pav Bhaji. They even lit it up with a tea light candle that made the cheese and butter slowly melt on top. Just writing this makes me drool and hungry.

In a nutshell, everything is worth the try. I highly recommend the pav bhaji and the galouti kebab. I suggest ask your servers what dish to recommend as they are very helpful and knowledgeable of the dish. For non-Indians like me they will tell me what I have to eat and what is in it. Besides the food, the interior is instagram worthy so be sure to save up some memory from your phone or camera when you visit this place. On weekends you might not be able to take a good picture so I suggest visit them on weekdays. Since its a molecular gastronomy themed restaurant, expect the price to be costly. Appetizers are around AED34.00-39.00 while Main Dish will be AED 40.00-45.00.

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