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Tea Zone – Karama

There was a heavy traffic in Karama one Friday night, instead of adding up to the heavy traffic we decided to pass the time at Tea Zone. Tea Zone has been popping like mushrooms everywhere across Dubai. They now have five outlets in Dubai. It is a small tea place that has a few tables and chairs outside and seating upstairs. The weather was not too hot that night, we opted to sit outside even if there are no available tables. 

We just had a heavy late lunch so we only ordered tea, Kashmiri Tea and Black Tea with ginger. 

There is nothing much to say about the Black Tea with ginger. The Kashmiri, though is out of this world. It is the first time I had tea that I can chew. Kashmiri tea is made of cardamom pods, cinnamon, Kashmiri leaves, saffron strands, and milk. According to my research Kashmiri Tea is usually pink, Tea Zone’s Kashmiri is yellow, which was still a surprise for me. I thought they served me turmeric milk or what they call the golden milk. When I had a sip, it was at first too sweet, but once you taste all the spices and tea used along with the slices of almonds, you cannot stop drinking it. It was so good that my friend drank my Kashmiri and forgot his Black Ginger Tea. 

I liked the tea even if it was too sweet, I ordered another cup and Samosa to wash out the sweetness. The samosa is ok, but nothing to rave about. 

It could have been better if it the sweetness Kashmiri can be a little lesser.  I am giving Tea Zone a rating of 3/5. Tea Zone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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