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Texas Roadhouse DCC: Ribeye Steak with Beef Rib Combo

My first Texas Roadhouse experience at Dubai Festival City was a blast that I kept telling my friend that we should eat there together. Sounding like a broken alarm clock, I won’t stop talking about the dinner rolls to everyone I know. It’s that tasty and soft that I want to sleep on it and bite it during my sleep.  I was able to persuade her that we eat at Texas Roadhouse at Deira City Center.

I asked my friend if she wanted Ribeye Steak with Grilled Shrimp, she said it’s an American Steak restaurant so the Beef Rib will be better. However, we still ordered the Double Skewer Grilled Shrimp for starters. After ordering, I politely asked our server for the dinner rolls. We had two servings of dinner rolls. My friend is not a fan of bread but she liked it too. We got our shrimps and it smells so good. It’s grilled with butter, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and other herbs and spices. It’s so tasty I eat it with the dinner roll that is served with it. 🙂 My friend was surprised with the shrimp. She loves shrimp, but she is selective with the restaurants where she will order it from. She did not expect Texas Roadhouse to serve nicely grilled shrimps.

Grilled Shrimp AED 53.00

Awaken the Viking in you and enjoy this large servings of steaks and ribs at Texas Roadhouse. Served with two freshly made sides and it can be shared by 2 people (or 2.5). We had our Ribeye Steak medium rare. Its perfectly grilled to what we wanted, tender and juicy meat. The marinate was not all through out the steak though, only the outer part of the steak was marinated well. The Beef Rib is huge, it feels like those ribs you see on cartoons. It’s so tender that the meat is falling off the bone. The sauce is delicious. It’s a perfect mix of sweet, spicy,and salty. We even used the leftover sauce for our steak fries.

After all the meat we had, my friend felt sleepy so she ordered 2 shots of espresso. I told her we can bill out and go to a coffee shop… she said, the shrimp was amazing maybe they are also good with coffee.

She did not like the coffee. 🙂

I am rating Texas Roadhouse DCC 4.5/5  Texas Roadhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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