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Tru Frut Karama

There is no greater ice cream than Tru Fruit in Karama. Since I had a bite of the Citaphal, I have never looked at ice cream the same again. It opened my senses, that an ice cream that already tastes so good can even taste better.

Do not be overwhelmed with all the flavors… you can try 2-3 flavors if you can’t decide what to get. There is no rule on how many free taste one could have, but being mindful of the next customer will be great.

I usually buy the best sellers at Tru Frut which are Sitafal and Malai Vanilla. My palate is craving for peanut butter. The closes I could get is Roasted Almond. It was not my palate was expecting but it did not disappoint. You can taste real toasted almonds, with a creamy base which tastes like almond milk. The almond bits gave a crunchy texture which how I like my ice cream. I have to stop myself from ordering another serving because even if it is fresh it is still sweet.

I am rating Tru Frut 4.5/5.

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