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Tum Tum Asia: 100% Vegetarian Pan Asian Cuisine

Since eating out with friends is my hobby I make an effort to eat healthy. One night we were craving for Chinese and Thai food at the same time, its difficult to find a 100% vegetarian Chinese/Thai restaurant. We decided if we will eat meat it will only be chicken breast. Tum Tum Asia is a newly opened restaurant in Oud Metha. We are in the area most of the time for chaats or Indian sweets, so when it opened we bookmarked it on Tum Tum Asia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato.

When we got on our seats, our server asked us if we are okay with vegetarian food. We asked her twice as we were not sure if we understood her correctly. She said that they only serve vegetarian food. Wow! Pan Asian food has meat in it all the time, if its not something you will chew it will be part of the sauce. We asked for few minutes to check on the menu, I took pictures of the interior as they have unique decors. My favorite is the ceiling decoration,  which are Japanese umbrella frames that they used as a light fitting.

After taking pictures I quickly browsed the menu and saw an interesting history of the restaurant. Chef Akshay Nayyar was inspired by the motorized vehicles called Tum Tum  (which is Tricycle/Pedicab in PH) used as a public transport for small alleys where hidden gems of Asian foods are kept.

I don’t know why but this people are adamant we should get a drink even if its just water. We don’t usually drink 30 minutes before and after food, but these guys were like… nah! you should order a drink. So we did, now I know why.

It was difficult to choose, everything on the menu seems yummy. We had momo chutney as our starters, four pieces is AED 23.00. Momo Chutney is a dumpling with cottage cheese and sour cream served with a spicy green chutney. A fusion of Chinese and Indian food that explodes then melts in your mouth. They served it with the below sauces, all are superb but my favorite is Gomadre which is a garlicky sesame sauce.

Sauces- Gomadre, Thai Dressing, Chili Garlic

The Lemongrass satay was served shortly. From afar we can smell the lemongrass, they used it as skewers for soya and tofu. This AED 29.00 dish is so tasty I feel like eating it with rice. 🙂 I even thought is was fried. This will definitely fill your tummy, I just had one and I can’t have another piece anymore. I felt bad for the wasted lemongrass though as its too expensive here in Dubai.

The Cantonese Fried Rice is not quite fried. Chef said on the menu that he only keeps the rice and the veggies  in the wok for not more than five minutes, which means rice are freshly cooked then put in a wok with all the veggies and seasoning. For AED 23.00 this is good to eat as it is.

Bowl of Asia tastes like our chopsuey in PH. The difference is the veggies used. They used bean sprouts, bokchoy, broccoli, snow peas and cottage cheese. An AED 37.00 dish that is good for sharing for two people.

Satisfied and full is an understatement. We were more amazed to know that everything is vegetarian, even the sauces. They do not use fish nor oyster sauce… all 100% veg! This is a very friendly place for everyone not just vegetarian or vegan. Meat lovers like me will love eating here too. The food is so mouth-watering it feels like you are eating meat. I am a meat eater so I can attest to this. The very accommodating manager offered us for a dessert but we are so full so we politely declined. The bill comes in this tiny vault that I just have to share with you. Isn’t it cute?

My rating for Tum Tum Asia is 5/5. Thank you for serving unique healthy and delectable dishes. I will definitely see you soon.

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