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Volt Kitchen: Mongolian Beef

Found this new trendy place in Jumeirah 3, Volt Kitchen is a fusion restaurant of anything you like… from burgers, salads, sushi and steak. This place is a haven for meat lovers. The exterior is promising. They have an al fresco dining, decorated with plants and little white tear drop shaped bulbs as table centerpieces. The back patio would be a great place for people who likes to dine outside but doesn’t want the buzz of the streets. However, it is not open yet. Interior is all black with large glass windows.. so huge that from the inside it also feels like you are dining outside.

Isn’t it nice when the menu actually comes to life with clear pictures of the dishes? Volt Kitchen has an amazing iPad menu app where you can see their dishes come to life in crisp images. Our server suggested all the best sellers from starters to desserts. Although she was a bit loud, I think it is because of her enthusiasm towards her work. We noticed that on the menu, there were only two vegan options, Quinoa salad and Potato Bravas. Since my friend is on a vegan diet for 10 days we ordered these two dishes.

I like the quinoa salad. It has lots of colors, texture, and taste. The herb lemon dressing blends perfectly  with the pomegranate, golden raisins and tomato. The pine seeds and hazel nut gives texture and richer taste to the quinoa and arugula. The serving is good for two if you are ordering a main dish, more than enough for one person that will stuff you in a healthy way of course.

Quinoa Salad AED 42.00

Potato Bravas as per the menu is crunchy Holland potatoes with Brava spices. I like the taste of the sauce, red is a bit spicy and white is garlicky. The texture of the potato needs to improve though, as there is no crunchiness at all.

Potato Bravas AED 29.00
When we finished our appetizers, we called server to order the main dish. She suggested that we get the Wagyu Beef and Crazy Mozzarella Roll.  I ordered the Crazy Mozzarella Roll, and the  Mongolian Beef instead since this is one of my favorite dishes. The Wagyu beef would need to wait until my next visit.
Crazy Mozzarella Roll is a crab roll topped and baked with mozzarella, shredded crab, spring onions and sesame seeds. What made this crazy is the way its cooked… they baked the sushi so the mozzarella will melt on top. As a result, the sushi has a little crunch instead of just a soft steamed Japanese rice. As for the taste, the mozzarella and mayonnaise were overpowering the crab. For AED 47.00, I think they can improve the taste as it taste similar to Philadelphia roll that are served in other restaurants.
Crazy Mozzarella Roll AED 47.00
I have tried Mongolian beef in a many places, but what I like about Volt’s Mongolian Beef is how they made it taste like Tapa and Tocino (preserved meat in PH usually eaten during breakfast) at the same time. The beef is crispy on the outside but tender on the inside.
Mongolian Beef AED 66.00

Volt Kitchen  is a 4/5 for me. My suggestions would be  to add more vegetarian options from starters to the main course.

I think Volt will look neat in the day time too. The greenery wall at their back patio and plants at the entrance is inviting for a nice brunch.

I will definitely be back to try their other dishes, you can check their menu on Volt Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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