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Woodlands Karama: Cashewnut Rava Dosa

This is the third time that I visited Woodlands in Karama, and always with the same group of people. Three times I always was never given a menu. So I just ordered a normal Masala dosa with orange masala. My friend said I should try other flavored dosa. He suggested Mysore Masala Dosa AED 11.00. As pictured below, I cannot really differentiate the difference of the dosa among other dosas. Two things I noticed is that the dosa is smaller and thinner that I have to order another dish.

Mysore Masala Dosa AED 11.00

Since I want something different and they don’t give me the menu, I checked their Woodlands Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato page. Thankfully the menu is the same as in the restaurant. I ordered Cashewnut Rava Dosa with the masala. When at Woodlands always tell them that you want the dosa with the masala or the filling inside, if you will not tell them they will just give you the dosa.

Good thing about Woodlands, they serve the food fast… hot and freshly cooked. I can see and smell the cashews on my dosa. I pinched the dosa with the masala dipped it in the chutney then popped it in my mouth. The crunchiness of the cashew adds texture and taste to it. I couldn’t stop eating it. When I finished it, I was really full. I wasn’t sure if I will have filtered coffee which is what we always do when we eat here. After washing my hands, I decided that Woodlands experience is not complete without coffee.

Woodlands rating is 4/5. One point down for not giving me the menu :p

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