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Yakitate Japanese Boutique Bakery Café

As you can see on my pictures below I always visit Yakitate to celebrate special events with my family or just a catch up with friends. Besides the nice food, the place will take you to Japan with all the cherry blossom interior as it feels like Cherry Blossom Festival. If you want to go to Japan and out of budget, Yakitate is close enough. :p

Mother’s Day 2016 with my sisters

The Chicken and Salmon Teriyaki Rice Burger was divine. Its a different way of serving, although it looks like a burger we didn’t eat it like a burger. Maybee if it was wrapped like a burger then we can do that. However its called Yakitate Japanese Boutique Bakery Café….”Boutique… BECAUSE FOOD IS FASHION! and we make it CLASSY and FABULOUS” so don’t expect their “burgers” to be wrapped in paper. :p I am not a fan of the ramen burger… its too oily for me. These burgers cost AED 27.00 to AED 35.00. I don’t remember the names of those sweet breads, its not on their menu as well but it was good as well.

From Top left: Chicken Teriyaki Rice Burger, Salmon Teriyaki Rice Burger. Bottom left: Original Ramen Burger
November 2016- bday celebration for our sister Icel who is now in Heaven
November 2016- Catch up with my friend who is a fan of Gibli Movies

This year I discovered that Yakitate is also serving MOCHI!!! I haven’t been to Japan but there is no question how I fell in love with the country is because of the food… Mochi is my favorite Japanese dessert. It is made with hard labor and meticulous wrapping of the cream, bean paste or even ice cream. The dough has to be made perfectly, not in a hurry. When wrapping the filling it has to be in a jiffy. The mochi costs AED 10.00 each. The dough is so thin you don’t know how this thin can be so strong to hold the cream. When you bite it, dough is soft and chewy with a little bit of sweetness. The creams are perfectly round, mixed berries are a little sour as what you expect of a berry. White peach strawberry and mango are a little bit on the sweeter side. I like mango the best.

Mixed Berries, White Peach Strawberry, Mango

In a nutshell,  AED 50.00 per head will cost you a main dish and a dessert. Is Yakitate worth coming back? If I have taken pictures of all my visit in Yakitate, you will be reading this post forever. SO THE ANSWER IS YES. Click this for more info about Yakitate Yakitate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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