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Akshar: Unlimited Gujrati Thali

We started our weekend right at Chai Pani on a Thurday night, one of the conversations we had with Kirit is Gujrati Thali. Kirit recommended Akshar a new Gujrati restaurant in Mankhool. Friday morning I checked out their menu on Akshar Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I sent my friend a message asking words on the menu. I sent around three messages until he replied asking where am I getting those words. I sent him the menu and in 15 minutes we are seating in Akshar.

We had a short chitchat wit Pagar, the owner of Akshar. He said that his family is in a Real Estate business in India, he was here in Dubai with his family for a vacation and decided to eat at one of the well known Gujrati restaurants. They did not like the food so they dreamed of having their own restaurant in Dubai that offers the best Gujrati food… and Akshar Restaurant was born.
Akshar is a busy place, its just newly opened but I can see lots of people like their food. Waiting time is 10 minutes or less on a Friday. Looking for parking is longer than the waiting time to be seated. I thought Akshar was a thali place but they have other dishes as well. It will be crazy not to get a thali on a Friday, its only AED 40.00 plus its unlimited so lets start stuffing ourselves with Gujrati yumminess.

HINT: They served the dessert on the left, which I think will be better if its on the right because I usually eat thali from left to right. When eating thali it is very important to eat the sweets when you are finished eating everything not because its a sweet ending but because sweets also help on cooling down your tongue.

Farsan or snacks in English is a very important part of Gujarati cuisine, wherein a wide variety of them are prepared on special occasions and to entertain guests, and are also enjoyed with tea. Farsan was served before all the subji, dal and bread. Its like a starter. Bataka Vada is what I was asking my friend. Its a potato ball. Its similar to vada pav but in a bite size. Paneer Masala Dhokla, paneer is something I love and Dhokla is something I hate. Putting them together… Love wins. This is a brilliant way how you can make me eat a dhokla. 🙂 Delhi Chaat is a crispy mix of potato and green peas served with yogurt topped with sev and coriander. This is a good way to clear the tongue and tummy (because of the yogurt) before you start with the mains. I wish I could have another one of this but I still have a lot of subji and dal to try.


The Subji means vegetable dish. It is also known as bhaji or sabzi so don’t get yourself confused.

From left to right:

Moong Masala- this was too salty for me. This might be good with rice but since I don’t eat rice when eating thali, I did not like it that much.

Desi Bataka- I guess Bataka is another term for potato. I only know batata and aloo. Desi Bataka is okay. I did not have much of it though because potato is heavy.

Kaju Paneer Masala- I like this one. I didn’t even know that there is paneer in it on my first bite and I already love it. Its a garlicky curry with garlic bites and paneer. It could have been better if there is more paneer in it.

Special Rajwadi Undhiyu- the word special is an understatement. It has lots of stuff in it, spinach, green chili, tomato, corn… you can taste the freshness of the veggies. Its a little bit sweet (I guess from the corn) then there is a balanced taste of saltiness and spiciness. I will surely have second serving of this and Kaju Paneer Masala but I was really full this time that I just finished everything on my plate (or baby bowls).


Dal or Kadhi are always part of thali. This is my least favorite part too. Both taste nice but I am not a fan of these two, again these are best eaten with rice.


Everything is unlimited and so as the bread. Small ones are called Puri and bigger ones are the chapatti/phulka rotli.Chapatti is healthier (with no ghee on it) so I had more of those.


Whatcha gon
Whatcha gon do with that dessert

No need to ask someone if they are saving their dessert for you. Dessert is all you can eat. Chocolate Barfi tastes like those desserts my colleagues give me when they just arrived from vacation. Badam Halwa is a usual dessert in thalis but my favorite dessert is the Apple Basundi. The apples feels like its picked fresh from the tree.


Akshar is 4.5/5 for me. I will visit them again for sure to try their other dishes… and it will be on a weekday because parking is a pain in the . 🙂


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