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Asia Kitchen by Mainland China

I seldom eat at malls except if I went shopping. I cannot feel the whole experience when I eat at food courts or mall restaurants. However, one restaurant caught my attention. Asia Kitchen by Mainland China, it is opposite to Carrefour Burjuman Centre. When you enter the restaurant, ambiance feels like you are not in a mall. They have walls with Chinese characters and a semi-open kitchen. They have a business lunch for only AED 45.00 from 12:00-3:00 PM. It is a four-course meal, with a choice of soup, 2-piece dumplings, one main dish with rice or noodles, and a dessert. You can add AED 12.00 for a drink. Every day they serve different dishes for business lunch. They have options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Vegetable Sticks and Pickled Cabbage with different dipping that you can enjoy while waiting for your meal

For Monday business lunch this is what my friend and I ordered.

Eight Treasure Soup- has baby corn, broccoli, carrots, peanuts, corn, parsley, green onion, red onion. It tastes Bland but when mixed all together in your mouth, you get the taste of every ingredient used that makes the soup interesting. It has different textures, a mix of crispiness from the peanuts and softness from the vegetables. The corn and carrots gave a sweetness to the soup. There were very few pieces of red onion and green onion that gives an onion-y but mild bite. The parsley, which was used as garnish also added to the flavor by balancing all the flavors of the vegetables. This soup must have been called the Eight Treasure Soup because of the eight ingredients used.

Peppery Lemon Soup- it is a clear soup with broccoli, cabbage, carrots and mushroom. As the name says it is peppery and citrus flavor.

Vegetable Basil Dumplings- A green dumping with fresh vegetable threads and basil sauce. This is a brilliant dish. I usually don’t like vegetable dumplings as it lacks the taste unless you dip it in soy sauce. This dish turned my world around. I love the basil touch and green colored dumplings. No need for any dipping sauce as it is best eaten as it is.

Chicken and Straw Mushroom Siu Mai- normal chicken dumplings. The chicken filling is tasty, but it tasted like it is not done.

Braised Chicken in Smoked Chili Sauce- chicken thighs on a spicy thick smoky sauce. You can taste the sauce in every bite of the chicken. Even the sauce itself can be mixed with the noodles and you have a new dish.

Fish with Greens and Garlic- steamed white fish fillet with a garlicky thick clear sauce. Simple steamed fish which is best with the rice.

Kaffir Lime and Lychee Cooler – has a refreshing citrus and sweet taste with small lychee chunks.

Minty Lemonade- a normal lemon mint drink, it was too sweet for us though.

Date Coconut Dumpling- ground coconut with date syrup wrapped in a dumpling. A fusion of Chinese and Arabic cuisine. The rough texture from the ground coconut softened by the sweet date syrup wrapped in a chewy wanton wrapper which was again drizzled with date syrup.

We also added another dish to our business lunch as I thought it was not enough.

Creamy Sriracha Mayo Prawns- creamy with mild spiciness sauce coated in the battered prawns. Nice taste, but texture has no crunchiness. It’s served with steamed vegetables and tofu which has broccoli, asparagus, sweet pea and zucchini.

Ferdinand, our server was awesome. He explained the dishes in the business lunch and gave us options so our food will not be all spicy.

Business lunch was definitely worth it. For AED 45.00, you have a 4-course meal. Not all the dishes are beyond our expectation, but all in all we have a happy tummy without hurting our wallets.

A nice experience with a rating of 4.5/5.

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