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Raju Omlet Karama: Bhurji

“How do you like your eggs mam?” Most of the time I will just say sunny side up. If there is an omelet station, I will choose onion, tomato, capsicum, mushroom and cheese as the filling with salt and pepper as the seasoning. Pair it with bread and butter or a steaming rice plus hot coffee will start my day right. But I found a place that makes their eggs… eggstravagant! Say hello to Raju Omlet.

The Experience.

Raju Omlet in Karama is a small joint behind Park Regis Hotel. People are waiting outside to be seated, this is a sign that the food is good. Luckily, we always get a seat when we arrive. Maybe because its difficult to find a parking slot in this area, so that give the customers before us to finish their food while we find our parking space. 🙂 On my first visit I had the egg bhurji. Its like the a tastier scrambled egg with onions and tomatoes that my mom usually prepare for breakfast. Tastier because it also has, green chilies, garlic, and ginger. Looking at the description of what Egg Bhurji is in their menu, I find it weird to see green chilies and garlic but on my first bite with the pav which is AED 2.00/pc, I told myself I will try to make this at home.

Egg Bhurji with Pav

So if someone asks me “how do you like your eggs mam?”I will respond, “Raju Omlet Egg Bhurji please”.

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