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COBONE OFFER: 365 All Day Dining– Novotel Al Barsha

Do you sometimes feel that what you get from these daily deal e-commerce platforms not worth your money even if it is a 50% discount? Well, this deal I bought recently is worth every Dirham or even if you pay for the whole price. Cobone and 365 Restaurant at Novotel Al Barsha has Seafood Themed Night Buffet every Thursday from 7:00-11:00 PM. You might be fooled by the pictures they posted on Cobone because they only posted a picture of the restaurant without the food. You should check the menu as it has seafood from soups and starters. This means that is surely a seafood themed buffet if from salad and soup up to the main dish has seafood.
We arrive the restaurant early as I was in the impression that it will be packed. To my surprise, it wasn’t. I think only few people know about this Cobone treasure. They have average six dishes per course, so instead of reviewing each dish I will write about my favorite and dishes that needs improvement.

Needs Improvement:

Spaghetti in Seafood Marinara Sauce- this dish is loaded with mussels and shrimps but it tastes bland. I cannot taste the Marinara sauce nor the seafood.

Live Seafood Cooking Counter- this is the highlight of the buffet. Seafood was fresh, you can choose which sauce to use as a marinate for your fish or shellfish. However, mine got overly well done that it got burned and the taste was gone.

My favorites:

Marinated Baby Shrimps- it was my first time to eat salad that has more shrimp than the vegetables.

Lemongrass Prawn Skewers- at first look, this dish looked like Chicken Lollipop. It is actually breaded prawns in lemongrass used as a skewer. I saw some of the kiddos ate it right at the buffet table, that’s how appetizing it looks.

Duck in Thai Red Curry- I’ve had Thai Red Curry with chicken, seafood or fish. Using duck in Thai red curry is even better because the duck made it richer and more amazing. The duck has a stronger flavor than chicken, but it doesn’t overpower the curry. It tastes like dark meat with a texture of a chicken but a little tougher.

Desserts- I wasn’t able to eat all the desserts, but I only had the cakes which are all good. Most desserts in buffets taste like you are eating different forms and colors of sugar. It’s just sweet. However, 365’s cakes are all amazing because you can taste real fruits and has different textures not just foamy colorful cakes.

Tea and Coffee Counter- this is a good way to end the dinner as you can have a chat with your foodie companion while having tea or coffee plus the pastries after a very heavy dinner.

What is my verdict? I bought two more Cobone vouchers which I will probably use this week. Give me a holler if you see me.

I am rating 365 All Day Dining Restaurant 4/5.

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