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Lemongrass Oud Metha

It might have occurred to you that I mainly blog about Indian food, not really… I will eat anything that is not alive or moving. The reason why I mostly visit Indian restaurants is because there is a lot of Indian restaurants in U.A.E. that my friends say are same to what is served in India except for the price. The number of Indian, Filipino, and of course Arabic restaurants here in U.A.E. are overwhelming, but one thing I noticed is that Thai restaurants are very few in this country. I also noticed that there are very few Thai expats here, maybe that is one reason why there are few restaurants. So I checked out Lemongrass, the Thai restaurant recommended by my friends and family here in Dubai. We had dinner at Lemongrass in Oud Metha near Lamcy Plaza. When we got inside most of the guest were Thais. The interior is very inviting that it made me think of booking a flight while looking at the hanging pictures. Lemongrass’s menu is vegetarian friendly. Everything on the menu can be served vegetarian. For starters, we ordered Lemongrass Set and for main we ordered Gaeng Phed Gai (vegetables) and Kao Niaw.

Lemongrass Set is a selection of starters and salad accompanied with Thai sauces, these are mostly fried. The salad or Som Tam tastes like achara but with a mild taste of sweetness and sourness. What made this dish extravagant is the Thai sweet and chili sauce. Its literally a fight between sweet and chili and no one is winning. No one is overpowering the other, unlike in our Sweet n’ Chili, sweet overpowers the chili.

Lemongrass Set (Vegetables)

For the main dish, we had Gaeng Phed Gai (vegetables) and Kao Niaw. Gaeng Phed Gai is a red curry dish mainly cooked with chicken. We opted for vegetarian though with Kao Niaw or Thai sticky rice. Gaeng Phed Ga is amazing! Just the curry itself is good enough with the rice. The combination of the veggies used are surprising as well. There are lots of veggies that are not familiar to me. This is a recipe worth googling and cooking in my own kitchen. I bet there are a lot of herbs and spices happening in this dish. My first guess will be lemongrass. :p

Gaeng Phed Gai (vegetables) and Kao Niaw


The price is very reasonable for the taste and the ambience of the restaurant. Lots of parking and very convenient too as there are RTA buses en route to Lamcy Plaza so it is very easy to visit. Its a restaurant worth coming back for. If you are craving for some good Thai food, click this link to know more about Lemongrass. Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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