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Lucky Voice: Brunch Out Loud

When aging hits you, you prefer the solace of your room reading a book while sipping your favorite tea. That is my usual Friday routine but recently I discovered about this interesting brunch at Lucky Voice. They recently launched Brunch Out Loud, the brunch that will end all brunches. I have always thought brunch as a booze flowing and a buffet of tons of food. That’s it. LV’s Brunch Out Loud is more than just food.

They have three options for the brunch:

AED 195 – soft drinks

AED 295 – house drinks

AED 350 – sparkling

AED 450 – Luc Belaire Rose

This means anyone will have fun even if you are not a fan of alcohol (like me). Make it sure that you arrive at 1:00 PM to complete the 3-hour brunch experience. We arrived late so we only got to try the first three courses.

To start with they have the Let’s get it on starter platter which is consist of the Tzatziki with Tortilla Chips, Chipotle Prawns, Mozzarella & Camembert Bites, BBQ Chicken Wings. My favorite among all these is the Chipotle Prawns and Mozzarella & Camembert Bites. Too bad there were only 3 pieces of prawns which have spiciness and a distinctive smoky flavor. The cheese bites have a soft, moist texture and are full of milky flavor. Brie is my favorite cheese which is quite similar to Camembert that made the bites tasting earthy, nutty, fruity, grassy, and even mushroomy.

Another set of snacks on your way, LV has two options.

Hungry Eyes


Fried Chicken Strip

Fish Cake

I Got You Babe

Popocorn Pork Dynamite

Honey and Soy Sauce Pork Ribs

Ham Hock Croquette

My friend and I thought only one will be given for the both of us so we ordered Hungry Eyes, they gave us two Hungry Eyes which we enjoyed so much because the Edamame was really good. The Edamame were soft and with a slight sweetness from the beans and saltiness from the salted pods. I like the fish cake too. It is tastier than the Fried Chicken Strip but both are good with the tartar sauce. I wish we ordered I Got You Babe as well so we got to try their pork starters.

If you are still hungry, here comes the pizza or salad. That’s Amore has two options for pizza and a salad. Lucky Voice Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Mix Salad. The staff recommended Lucky Voice pizza since it’s two flavors in one pizza. There was nothing special about it but it’s a great way to fill your tummy before you chug on that alcohol.

Now for the third round of feast:

Don’t Stop Me Now

Mini Beef Burger

Halloumi Slider

Beef Ribs Taco

Smoked Hot Fries

Shrimp Taco


I Just Can’t Get Enough

Pulled Pork Sliders

Pulled Pork Taco

Smoked Hot Fries

It’s obvious what one should order for this course but we opted for I Just Can’t Get Enough. I should have not stop myself from ordering Don’t Stop Me Now. The burger and taco taste the same. Barbecue flavored pulled pork in different types of bread. The texture of the taco needs improvement. It would be best if the taco has a Mexican flavor and the burger has the barbecue flavor. Maybe adding lettuce or tomato will add freshness and crunchiness to the burger and taco as well.

The unique take on LV’s brunch is the lip sync battle and singing competitions. I am amazed at how people performed on stage. They even had choreographed movements while lip-syncing to the song. DJ Jonno Blandford played awesome house eats that everyone was shaking their booty.

The presentation of the food is superb but the taste needs improvement. Who am I to judge? There were other options I have not tried. Service, ambiance, music, the crowd all excellent! I am rating 4/5.

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