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Master of Wok

Master of Wok is a newly opened restaurant in Satwa. My first glance at this restaurant was when it was newly opened with a big red bow at the entrance. Decorated with bamboo walls and ceiling, elephants, it gives you a Thai vibe.

Here’s my review of the food and drinks we had.

Lemongrass Tea – This is the first time I had a lemongrass tea cold, and I like it! This is a healthier version of Iced Tea that also refreshes you in every sip. You will surely have another glass of this.

Thai Iced Tea- This iced tea is similar to the popular milk tea that Filipinos are crazy about. Special tea that is sold in the streets of Thail

and with black tapioca pearls. It will be best to drink this after a meal since it is heavy and will make you full in an instant.

Tom Kha Goong- One of their best seller soups that has fresh coconut milk loaded with chicken fillet strips and veggies. Just be careful with the Thai chilies.

Prawn Cakes- it’s like an oval shaped tempura, so crunchy you can eat even the tail. It’s perfect with the sweet and chili sauce that’s served with it.


Som Tam Goong- spiced green papaya salad with prawn, Chef served us a vegetarian recipe by using tofu instead of prawn and I am sure it is still as amazing as the prawn. It has shredded mango, papaya, carrots, onion, and coriander. The dressing is a mix of sweet, spicy, tangy taste.

Pad Quinoa- Veg Stir Fry Quinoa, a healthy version of fried rice. It has egg, broccoli, carrots and snow peas. Be careful with the chilis if you are not into spicy food.

Pad Boong Fai Dang- or Stir Fry Water Spinach is fresh water spinach with a golden sauce that is garlicky, savory and spicy. It is similar to Adobong Kangkong.

Gang Kiew Wan- Green Curry Chicken has thick coconut milk gravy with the finest Thai vegetables. The spiciness is harmoniously balanced with the sweetish coconut cream. Just the curry is satisfying, no wonder Chef was urging us to order another cup of rice.

Goong Pad Sauce Makham- Prawn Tamarind Stir Fry. This is the first time I ate stir fry shrimp that used a tamarind sauce. It has a sweet and sour thick sauce with crunchy vegetables.

Raum Mit Tapioca- this dessert is famous in the streets of Thailand. It is a chewy and lighter version of Ginataang Bilobilo (a dessert/snack from Philippines). It has a chewy texture from the tapioca balls and noodles, sweet coconut cream sauce with a light floral flavor because of the Jasmine flower. A must try if you want something different from the most popular sticky rice and mango.

My rating for Master of Wok is 5/5.

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