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Parker’s La Mer

I am always in awe with the eclectic beachfront of La Mer. People are sunbathing and swimming on the beach where you can smell the scents and flavors of the food from different restaurants that mingles with the fresh sea air. You will surely be tempted to eat at one of the restaurants.

On my first visit at La Mer, Parker’s is one of the restaurants that caught my attention because of the long queue outside waiting to be seated for dinner. One sunny morning, my friends were looking for a cool place that can satisfy our hunger. We checked Parker’s menu and they have interesting and healthy breakfast options.

Once seated, they greeted us with the biggest smile and gave us cold face towels to cool ourselves from the hot and humid weather that day. They gave us time to choose which dish to order while we all catch up. They also served us a shot of their Better Than Chocolate drink, which will surely refresh you. We ordered their best sellers: Turkish Simit, Truffle Benedict, and Granola French Toast.

Turkish Simit- is a traditional Simit with garlic and zaatar yoghurt, poached eggs, chili oil, roasted red pepper Harissa. The Simit is similar to a bagel. It is encrusted with sesame seeds, but with a curly top. The garlic and zaatar yogurt added an addictive flavor to the poached egg. The za’atar gives a nutty and woody accent with an acidic lift. Garlic gave a mild pungent and heated taste. Harissa gave more life to the dish. It is a blend of different kinds of roasted peppers, which gives a slight spicy taste and aroma to the dish.

Truffle Benedict- is cured beef with poached egg, mushroom sauce and truffle hollandaise. The cured beef is similar to the taste of Beef Stroganoff. The mushroom enhanced the taste of the beef that added more umami taste to the dish. My description above made this dish seem yummy, don’t forget the sauce. They used Truffle Hollandaise Sauce, which is a combination of truffle butter, egg yolk and lemon. The truffle butter is a better version of butter. Stop counting the calories and just eat it. I am sure you will lose it once you got out of Parker’s and walk around La Mer or swim on the beach.

Granola French Toast- is Brioche loaf, organic berry, yogurt, granola and maple drizzle. We requested not to drizzle the maple syrup, so we can control the sweetness. Among all the dishes we ordered, this is the one that has the biggest serving. Two thickly sliced brioche French toast. The French toast itself is good enough without the maple syrup because of the granola. In addition to the sweet taste of the granola, it also gave a crunchy texture in every bite. The berries used are not yet that ripe which is what I like because it gave a little tart taste to the French Toast which balanced the sweetness. They topped it with blueberry yogurt as topping, which added color and creamy taste.

The service is excellent and so is the food. It is in the mid-range price, average of AED 45.00 per dish. I am rating Parker’s 4.5/5

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