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Pressman’s Pressed Sandwiches: Big Pesto Turkey Omelet

I have a habit of ordering breakfast for delivery at work when it’s a special day… it’s my birthday, so I have a reason to cheat and not eat my usual oatmeal.

Checked Pressman's Pressed Sandwiches Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for restaurants with delivery and online ordering as early as 7:30 AM. Only few restaurants have online ordering at that time and Pressman’s Pressed Sandwiches is something I have never tried. So I ordered their big Pesto Turkey Omelet for AED 22.00.

Zomato app asked if I received my order, I replied no. A chat support asked for my order number to track the order, the restaurant seems to be not responding. When I asked if I can still cancel my order the door opened and my food arrived. Fifteen minutes have gone by from the Zomato ticking clock when I received my order. Since its been 15 minutes, I expect my sandwich to be cold. I was right. It was cold and a bit tough. I like the packaging though, it protects the sandwich and also keeps it warm, maybe that why the inner part of the sandwich was still a bit warm even if I received the food late. The filling was salty that it overpower the pesto. The serving is good for two so I shared the other half with my colleague and its salty for him too.

I am rating Pressman’s Pressed Sandwiches 2.5/5

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