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Punjabi Dhaba

We were unsure what to eat at Punjabi Dhaba since we prefer to have a light dinner. The colorful and brightly colored interior was very inviting that made us check it out. Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich buttery flavor so we were expecting it to be heavy. We still gave it a shot. No idea what to order, we asked help from the staff. They were very accommodating. We told them we prefer to have a light meal but they insist we try their specialties.

While waiting for our order, they served us our copper plates and our papad with onion and tomatoes toppings and mint chutney on the side for our starters.


PANEER TIKKA- may look spicy but it isn’t. Paneer marinated in a yogurt-based marinade with tangy spices. The paneer is tender, has a crisp singe on the surface.

PANEER MALAI TIKKA- grilled like paneer tikka but has a creamier and milder flavor. I prefer this than paneer tikka because I can still taste the paneer.

BATTI DE ALOO CHATPATE – spicy potato chunks which are normally stir-fried but at Punjabi Dhaba, these potatoes are grilled that seared the corners a little bit. It made the potatoes crunchy outside. The inner part of the potatoes is still mushy which balances the spiciness of the marinate.


SARSOO KA SAAG- a popular dish in Punjab made of mustard garam masala, ginger, and garlic. Spinach was added as well to make it thicker. To finish it off, it is topped with butter. I was curious about how would it taste since I don’t like mustard leaves that much. To my surprise, I liked it just as how I like palak or spinach. The ginger and garlic are so tasty that I cannot taste the bitterness of the mustard leaves.

MAKKI DI ROTI – a popular flat bread made from corn flour best paired with Sarsoo Ka Saag.

PANEER TIKKA MASALA – gravied version of Paneer Tikka? It is more than that. It is a rich sauce made of onions, tomato puree, yogurt, and cream. Punjabi Dhaba used the freshest ingredients that gave this dish a balanced flavor and taste. Tomatoes are ripe, red and slightly sweet

DAL MAKHANI- also a famous vegetarian dish from Punjab. Dal Makhani’s major ingredient is urad dal or black lentils. It is slowly cooked overnight with ginger, tomatoes, and chili giving it plenty of time and injecting lots of flavor.


JAGGERY ROTI WRAP- this dessert is not on the menu but a very special dessert that will bring back childhood memories. This was not yet part of the menu but they made this for me so I can experience home cooked snacks only a Punjab grandma can make. Jaggery is slightly less sweet than maple syrup, a little thicker than honey and boasting a rich, brown sugar-like flavor. It is mixed with ghee which gives it a richer and nuttier flavor.

GAZAR KA HALWA – or Carrot Halwa is not new to me. Punjabi Dhaba’s Gazar Ka Halwa has small carrot bits with water, sugar, ghee, and milk. What I love about this dessert is it tastes like regular pudding which is starch or dairy based. Gazar Ka Halwa is made of carrots with no trace of carrot taste. It’s creamy, light and very nutritious.

The service is excellent. Everyone welcomed us and explained each dish that they recommended. Punjabi Dhaba is located near Lamcy Plaza serving authentic Punjab dishes at a very reasonable price.

I am rating Punjabi Dhaba 4.5/5.

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