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Quick Bite Sev Puri

Chaat is not that prominent in Al Muteena, Al Rigga, Al Muraqqbat and Salahuddin areas. It might be because this area is mostly inhabited by Filipinos. Most of the restaurants in these areas are Filipino, Arabic, Cafeterias or Fast Food. One of the restaurants that serves chaat in Al Muteena is Quick Bite. I had a quick bite at Quick Bite, lets see how was the bite.

I ordered Sev Puri and Bhel Puri. Both are similar in taste but main ingredients used are different. Sev Puri which is pictured above has the flat Puri. Bhel Puri has the puffed rice. The additional ingredients may vary on each restaurant. For Quick Bite, they used green mango, coriander, tomato, onion, and of course the sweet and spicy chutney.

Both chaats were okay, nothing exceptional. It is worth to mention that they used fresh ingredients. One thing I noticed is the thickness of the sev. It is almost like instant noodles. 🙂 The sweet chutney and the spicy chutney are well balanced. Just how I like my chaat, not too spicy nor sweet.

Quick Bite is a self service restaurant when you ordered chaat. You have to wait for your chaat at the counter, once the chaat guy is finished, you can finish it up at their outdoor seating. Expect to share a table (or a bottle, I will explain this later) with a stranger when you dine outside, since they are quite busy at night. This is a go-to place for people wanting to have a light and quick snack before going home. It will surely calm your nerves from a very tiring day at work.

Bhel Puri

They have big bottles of water on the tables, I was wondering why it is not sealed. Then I realized the water was free, customers use the stainless cups or drink from the bottle without touching the mouth. This was weird for me, and I will definitely drink from that water bottle.

I am rating Quick bite 2.5/5 Quick Bite Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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