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Raju Omlet: Hellmann’s X The Best

The best cheat food for me is burger and one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai that serves unique egg dishes- Raju Omlet partnered with #HellmannsArabia for a weekend of burger feast. Three limited edition burgers made of egg, chicken. and mutton that is made more special with Hellman’s sauces, crafted by Chef Kulbeer from India. It was only for three days 5th to 7th of April and I certainly made a way to get all these burgers in my tummy.

Second day of the burger feast, my friend and I drove to Raju Omlet Al Qouz just a couple of hours before their closing since morning is always peak hours for Raju Omlet. The server told us that in the past two days they sold 200 burgers, chicken as the best seller. Since Raju Omlet specializes in egg we ordered the egg burger and the best seller chicken burger.

It’s amazing to see the egg as a burger patty. The egg is breaded with melted cheese, and chili mayonnaise on top. Raju Omlet’s signature green chutney keeps the caramelized onions and fresh lettuce in place. The burger looks definitely better than the picture. The masala potatoes are more in the picture though. The Egg Burger is messy to eat as the boiled egg is mushy when you bite into it. The patty is so big, one bite is not enough to dig into the bread and the patty. On my first bit, it was a bit salty. On my next bites the flavors of the patty, Hellmann’s sauce, and green chutney are exploding in my mouth.

Egg Burger

The Chicken Burger is flowing with cheese. It tastes different with the other chicken burgers I had because it has the texture of chicken flesh and not just flour in it. The taste is perfectly blended and is even tastier when you add the Hellmann’s mayonnaise. The burger is big and filling, but you will still keep on munching on it that made us order the Mutton Burger.

Chicken Burger

The Mutton Burger seems to be the cheesiest among all the three burgers and it has a lot of caramelized onion as well. It is the juiciest, tastiest and the messiest among all the burgers. The patty was a little bit salty for me, but the Hellmann’s Ketchup compensated it and made the burger yummier. I am already full from the Egg Burger and Chicken Burger but I will not let the Mutton Burger put to waste. I devoured every bite.

Mutton Burger

The Verdict: I have high hopes that #RajuOmlet will keep all the burgers in their menu and add #HellmannsXTheBest Ketchup to my grocery list. Raju Omlet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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