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Sadak Chaap

A small joint in Karama, literally small that it can only accommodate 10-12 people. As what they say, it’s the small things in life that count. To be honest we have been eyeing on this restaurant since they exposed their logo… Sadak Chaap. What is Sadak Chaap? Had a chat with one of the customers there, he is not aware what kind of food is Sadak Chaap. I searched what it means and Sadak means and it is not even related to food.

“Chap” means a stamp, and “Sadak” is street – the term aptly describes those who carry “the stamp of the street”. This is what the street children call themselves. Chaap is also a soya stick food in India. Maybe this is where they got the idea from. Not sure what to order, the other customer recommended we order the Punjabi Chaap which has gravy. He highly recommends it so we ordered that plus Lucknowi Chaap which was recommended by the server.

Lucknowi Chaap- is grilled chaap which looks like a grilled chicken breast. The server said that there is no oil since it is grilled, but it was too oily we have to wipe the excess oil with a tissue. It tastes amazing though. The texture seems like it is meat and the taste is sweet, hot and a note of citrusy flavor.

Punjabi Chaap- chaap with Makhani gravy. It is a harmonious combination of earthy spices and cream. It is very tasty and thick that we finished up to the last drop of gravy. No wonder the other customer recommended this dish.

Sadak Chaas – to finish it off the server recommended we order the Sadak Chaas which is fresh buttermilk. It is not too thick nor too heavy, just right. It helped on cooling down my tongue and palate.

I am rating Sadak Chaap 4/5.

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