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Sankalp: Paneer Veg Ghunghat

Just looking at the menu, I love the restaurant instantly, they have a lot of paneer dishes. Undecided, we seek help from the server. He suggested a chef’s special dish that is not in the menu, Paneer Veg Ghunghat. As how I understood it when he was describing it, its 2 curries in a sizzling plate and one has paneer. When its sizzling all I can think of is sisig which is a famous Filipino dish that is usually served in a sizzling plate. I looked at my friend and we both know this is what we want. Hitting 2 birds or veg with 1 stone. :p The server added we should order Laccha Paratha which is also their best seller and is best pair for Paneer Veg Ghunghat. So we did.

This is how it was served, be careful on the sizzling plate though, I almost burn myself from excitement of having a taste of it. Before the server put it in our plates, I asked politely if I can take a picture of it first. I have never seen Indian food served on a sizzling plate. 🙂

Paneer Veg Ghunghat AED 37.00

I like how it was presented, it seems like Cruela Deville but a colorful version. Both the curries are thick and tasty. There are lots of flavors that you cannot fathom what is in it. I couldn’t choose which is my favorite both are equally good.


Our server was right, the lachcha paratha was good that I was not able to take a picture of it. It is thicker than a normal paratha and oilier too. No food waste this time we finished each piece of roti and last drop of Paneer Veg Ghunghat. Lachcha paratha is AED 4 each and roti is AED 3 each. AED 50.00 for 2 people is definitely worth it. I will surely be back to this place and I will order their brownies that most people are raving about on Sankalp Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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