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Shop n Save Café: Chhola Batura

Shop n Save Café is a café and grocery shop in one. You will not miss this cafeteria as it is near Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station. Comparing to other cafeteria, this is huge and ordering your food is different too.

  1. Pay at the counter inside the grocery store.
  2. Give the receipt to the guys inside the cafeteria… then wait for your food.
  3. You have the option to eat it at the counter or sit on the al fresco dining at the left side of the café.

It’s difficult to choose if you are not familiar with Indian street food. If I do not have Indian friends I will be just staring at the menu. We ordered three dishes… Chole Batura, Bombay Sandwich Toast and Samosa Pav.

Samosa Pav is fast to prepare, so we had that first. The samosa is not that big, making it easy to bite. It’s because the dough on the corners are not that thick which is what I usually see in samosas. You can taste the filling and not just the starch from the dough. I also like the perfect blend of the spicy and sweet chutney. For only AED 5.00 you have an amazing veggie zinger. 🙂

Bombay Sandwich Toast at Shop n Save is different because of the beet root, it can’t be seen in the picture but every bite is colorful and yummy. It looks like a Christmas sandwich because of the green cucumber and red beetroot.

Bombay Sandwich Toast AED 7.00

Last but not the least is Chole Batura. This has been recommended to me by a friend when I asked her what to try since I had eaten all the chaats I could find in Dubai. She recommended Chole Bature or Batura. This is my chance. I liked the first two dishes so I had high expectations that I won’t be disappointed with this one.

They gave us the Chole Batura and headed to the tables. I like the taste, but I did not like the consistency of the chole. It’s very brothy like a sambar. It seems like a sambar with chole in it. In addition to that the tables were dirty. We cleaned it before putting our food on the table.

I like the taste of all the food we had, except for the hygiene. I am sure even if the food is cheap hygiene should not be compromised. A little improvement in the presentation will be nice too. My rating for Save n Shop Cafe on Shop n Save Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato is 3/5

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