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Shri Krishna Bhavan Special Unlimited Veg Meal

Searching for new Thali places in Karama at lunch time on a weekend is a nightmare. All restaurants are full. We ended up at Shri Krishna Bhavan which is a newly opened vegetarian restaurant in Karama serving South Indian delicacies. Fortunately, we were able to sit immediately when we arrive. I think every one in Karama had their lunch except us. 🙂 We asked for two unlimited veg meal.

I was just making myself comfortable in my seat when they put the plates and the starters on our table. That was fast. 🙂 They start serving the curries and lastly the poori and papad. The Papad is freshly cooked, you can hear the crackling sound when you get a piece and put it in your mouth. It has the right amount of saltiness which prepares your tongue for the experience it has been waiting for.

Among the starters, my favorite is the Dal Salad. It’s refreshing and cools my hungry tummy. It’s like the milk to a toddler having tantrums. The Poori was smoking hot and soft. They only serve two pooris at a time as they want to serve only freshly cooked pooris.

I was really excited to try the curries. One, two, three bites… I was sweating. Fourth bite, I need water. It was too spicy for me. I am not an average Filipino that doesn’t eat spicy food. I can tolerate spicy food but my tongue knows when it’s really spicy and I think Shri Krishna Bhavan’s Special Veg Meal is one of them. Even if it was spicy, I finished my meal.

I did not go home with a burning mouth though. Payasam, their dessert sealed the deal. A mixture of milk, sugar, cardamom, cashew, and vermicelli. I think I had three bowls of Payasam. What I like about milky Indian desserts is it’s not too sweet making you eat more of it.

I am rating Shri Krishna Bhavan 3/5. Shri Krishna Bhavan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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