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Tribeca – Kitchen & Bar 

Tribeca is not just a restaurant but a place for anyone who loves art, movies, and even politics. True to its name, Tr!beca – Kitchen & Bar is based on a popular neighborhood in New York which is originally written TriBeCa.

It is a syllabic abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street”. TriBeCa is now occupied by colonized by artists and then actors, models, entrepreneurs, and other celebrities.

The neighborhood is home to the Tribeca Film Festival, which was created in response to the September 11 attacks, to reinvigorate the neighborhood and downtown after the destruction caused by the terrorist attacks.

Tribeca – Kitchen & Bar made use of their walls, bars, and even chairs to show how Tribeca is. My favorite is their version of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

While the artistic vibe is pleasing to the eyes, the ambiance is pretty laid back and relaxing as well. The music is just at the right volume that I can hear the person I am with. The service is as great as the ambiance. I visited Tribeca on a not so busy day so we were able to chit chat with Stacy and Thomas. They gave us the best service and I gained knowledge while talking with them.

Here are the drinks and food we had at Tribeca.

Nutty Professor– is a certified ladies drink. Its a creamy blend of Stolichnaya vodka, Baileys, Frangelico, amaretto and cream. It is an alcoholic hazelnut and vanilla cocktail.

Halle Berries– This is a concoction that will make you walk like Cat Woman. The cocktail for confident women with a taste for berries. It is a mix of Stolichnaya raspberry shaken with Passoa, Chambord, passion fruit sugar, raspberry puree, and lime. A sour drink for that purring thirsty you.

Jamaican Bolt– a perfect mix of fruits, herbs, and spices with a rich tone of cinnamon and final tone of vanilla. You will be fooled and forget that its alcoholic. Blends of sailor jerry dark rum- flavors of vanilla and oak, with hints of clove and cinnamon spices, Galliano vanilla- a selection of more than 30 herbs and spices such as star anise, juniper, musk yarrow, ginger, lavender and last but not least, the delicate and smooth flavour of vanilla – with a process of seven infusions and six distillations, cinnamon & lime shaken with passion fruit.

Artichoke Dip – The perfect light starter. An epically creamy and satisfying dream dip sent from the dairy-free gods and goddesses. A mix of artichoke, baby spinach, onion, garlic, vegan sour cream. It is served with homemade crispy corn tortilla chips. This baby is only 360kcal and good for sharing too!

Cauliflower Buffalo Poppers– The chicken buffalo of vegetarians. This 420kcal dish is made of cauliflower, beer batter, buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, served with celery sticks on the side. The beer batter made it zesty and tangy. The spiciness of the buffalo sauce is mellowed down by the blue cheese dressing.

Wagyu Beef Burger– one of Tribeca’s best sellers. Grilled Wagyu beef patty, cheddar, beef bacon, fresh veggies, chipotle sauce in Tribeca’s organic home-made bun served with sweet potato fries. Tribeca never compromises their quality, they only serve a specific organic Wagyu beef that they import from Japan. We were lucky enough to taste these mouth-watering burger that’s really tasty and juicy. Every bite is heaven.

Organic Salmon Steak– A simple dish but what made it exceptional is the grilled organic salmon steak. It is spiced with salt and pepper but the sweetness from salmon steak made it better. It is a taste of a fresh catch made special with the silky carrot & thyme puree sided with fennel, walnut & apple salad.

Deconstructed New York Cheese Cake– Since it is deconstructed the crust is sprinkled over the cream cheese topped with berries & passionfruit coulis. The cream cheese is perfect eaten with the berries to balance the sweetness of the cake and sourness of the berries. It is good but I still prefer the usual way New York Cheese Cake with the salt buttered crust and mild, sweet taste with a pleasant slight tang from the cream cheese.

Organic Chocolate Brownie Fudge– a simple brownie dessert served with organic vanilla ice cream. Chewy brownie which is too sweet for me. It is perfect when eaten with the strawberry and the ice cream.

Tribeca is not just a place to have good food while listening to good music but a place to gain friends too. I am rating Tribeca 5/5.

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