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Udupi Sagar: Veg Thali

Previously I posted my first Thali experience in a very cultural setting. This time, I will show you the cheaper and sort of fast food version of thali. In the busy street of Meena Bazaar, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. I haven’t been to India but it feels like it when I am in that part of Dubai. All the restaurants are mostly Indian restaurants. After buying my spices from an Indian store, we saw this small place… Udupi Sagar serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali for just AED 12.00 and AED 16.00 respectively.

The Experience.

The vegetarian thali has mostly brothy gravy. The non-vegetarian has mostly thick gravy or dry, one of which has chicken. This is the second time I ate thali and the first time to eat with meat in it, and again I liked it. Its difficult to compare the thalis since nothing is the same. You will just have one-to two favorite gravy in each thali or the service which is what you will be back for. In here, I like the chicken gravy and the dal. It is amazing how can this little bowls make me full instantly.

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