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Yummy Dosa: Zini Dosa

Opposite Spinneys Karama there are a lot of restaurants closed down for business, however we saw this restaurant about to open. Its called Yummy Dosa, I think their tagline was something like bringing Mumbai to Dubai which is quite a catchy rhyme. I bookmarked their Zomato page and check them out once its open.

We came back to the place months after it opened. I was excited to see what they have to offer. The restaurant’s interior was interesting, small but unique. It seems like its not yet finished yet as they made the walls look like unpainted concrete. The lights are fixed on a water pipe that I find unique. The menu is paste on a wooden chopping board which is hang on the wall on every table. There are 6 tables that can sit 4 people each so expect the place to be always packed.

We ordered some interesting dosas… Zini Dosa, Chilly Paneer Dosa and Pav Bhaji Dosa. They make all their dosa fresh so its better to order fast.

Zini dosa is a dosa served like a sushi. Its rich in grated cheese topping with a red based sauce with veggies. An interesting way of serving dosa that looks like sushi but tastes like pizza.

Chilly Paneer Dosa, hmmmmm… this dish is filled with beautiful paneer cubes. The curry can be made less salty to not over power taste of the paneer and other veggies. I did not bother use the chutney as the curry was already tasty by itself. I almost feel like ordering white rice to eat it with. :p Chilly Paneer is AED 25.00

The Pav Bhaji Dosa for AED 21.00 is worth it, we ordered an extra  plain dosa just to finish the bhaji. I have eaten pav bhaji dosa before but its served differently. This one is a regular dosa with pav bhaji curry on the side plus the coconut chutneys.

I like this restaurant so much I took my sister the next weekend then back again at night with a friend from Switzerland. So in a week’s time I had 3 visits, that being said you know what my rating is.

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